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Gender Affirming Health Care for Students at Vassar FAQs

The Vassar College Health Service strives to provide high quality, informed, easily accessible and sensitive gender affirming care to students. We encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider at Baldwin about your sexual identity, gender identity and sexual behavior. Our providers are committed to supporting and serving as a resource for transgender, non- binary and gender non-conforming students.

What transition-related care does Baldwin Health Service provide?

Baldwin has instituted a regular Trans Health Clinic, this clinic will provide specific gender affirming health care services and will be staffed by Mary Lackey P.A. who has been trained to work with transgender patients. Our clinician will be happy to evaluate, treat or give students referrals to specialists. In this way we can provide continuity of care, renewal of prescriptions and monitoring for students who have already started hormonal replacement therapy. Although we do not initiate hormonal therapy we can answer student’s questions and refer them either to local community endocrinologists, or large centers, such as Callen Lorde Community Health or Planned Parenthood for an assessment. Subsequently Health Service medical staff can work with the specialist who first prescribed testosterone or estrogen therapy so that we can continue to provide these hormones to students. Students already undergoing hormonal therapy from another provider can bring their medication and records along with an order from the prescribing physician to our Trans Health clinician for review and to facilitate continued administration.

Please call 845-437-5800 to schedule an appointment with Mary Lackey P.A.

What kind of LGBTQ-specific training do Health Service clinicians receive?

Baldwin employees are committed to supporting students’ health care needs and are knowledgeable about LGBTQ medical issues. Our Health Care staff are instructed to follow best practices in the medical field for supporting LGBTQ patients. In order to provide you with the most appropriate care, Baldwin providers regularly review protocols from established clinics such as Fenway Health in Boston, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in NYC and the Center for Excellence for Transgender Health at UCSF. They also keep up to date with the professional guidelines and standards of care established by the World Professional Association for Transgender health. (WPATH) In addition our health service staff have received training from individual NYC-based LGBTQ medical providers at Callen Lorde and have attended conferences on LGBTQ health care and Trans Focused Ally Training.

How does Baldwin ensure that its providers will use trans students’ preferred name (which may be different than their legal or birth name)

The Health service staff will ask to call you by your chosen name and chosen pronouns, which you can indicate to them. The forms used at the Health Service also allow students to specify the name and pronouns they prefer. The provider can enter this chosen name on the initial intake form and the electronic medical record regardless of what your legal name may be.

Lab Testing

If you need lab tests to monitor hormone levels and other values associated with your care, call and set up an appointment with the Trans Health Care Clinician to review the order. An RN visit will be set up to draw the blood specimen in our drawing station and results can be sent to the ordering provider. Your health insurance will require your legal name for processing claims.

Hormonal Injections / Nursing Services

If you need help administering testosterone, please set up an appointment with our Nursing Coordinator. (845-437-5800) You can also get sharps containers for your room if you are doing your own injections. Nurses can also teach self-administration of medication. Medications can be ordered by electronic prescribing to the local pharmacy of your choice. Please check with your insurance provider regarding policy requirements and specific benefits. Our clinical staff can also provide assistance and support with post-operative care (such as dressing change, checking for proper healing etc.)


Your care and any information disclosed to your provider is strictly confidential.

General Health Services

Vassar College Health Services is also available to meet the routine health care needs of transgender and gender non-binary students. In addition to primary care and evaluation and treatment of illness and injury, our professionals can assist with gynecologic and urologic care in the clinic of your choice. We also emphasize preventive health-care to maximize a student’s overall health and can give immunizations such as those for influenza, meningitis and human papilloma virus on request and provide STI and HIV testing.

How can I find LGBTQ-friendly off-campus health care providers?

The Health service staff can aid students in getting referrals to off-campus medical specialists and clinicians can recommend LGBTQ-friendly off-campus providers. The Health Service will work with you to find an appropriate provider.